Greentrials is an Extreme Bike Team from Riga, Latvia gathering a bunch of the best
    athletes in the Baltic States. Since it was created in 2010,
    Greentrials has done more than 700 shows all over Latvia, Lithuania and
    Estonia performing in different events delivering a wide range of shows.

    In 2012 Greentrials started its large-size show project "Bike Tour" which
    includes BMX Freestyle, BMX Flatland, Bike Trial and even Moto Trial on
    special events. Moreover, the performance is well-brought to the
    audience on spot by the MC entertaining on microphone expressively.

    Got excited? Watch the Greentrials promo!


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    Greentrials Show at AUTO 2020

    Two days of five action packed shows at the expo AUTO 2020.

    Rīga, Latvija


    Greentrials Sweden Trip (FULL VIDEO)

    One of the craziest trips we've done so far! Sweden was a blast!
    And so was the cruise with Tallink Latvija. Watch the clip!

    Riga - Stockholm - Malmo


    Greentrials Bike Show in Malmo, Sweden (PROMO)

    The team went for a trip to do shows in Bilsport Motor Show in Malmo, Sweden!

    Malmo, Sweden.


    Greentrials Special Shows in 2018

    The Baltic states celebrate their 100th birthday - that's why we created the amazing LV objects & T-shirts to mark this special year.

    Rīga, Latvija


    Greentrials Bike Tour Night show

    We started a new project, which combines the Bike Tour show with awesome lights and fire to create the perfect night show.

    Smiltene, Latvija


    Greentrials Guest Show on Lithuanian X Factor

    It was an honor to do a guest show on X Faktorius finals! The judges and the audience loved it!

    Vilnius, Lithuania

    Greentrials Bike Tour 2016 Season Opening

    Literally jumpstarted the season of 2016 with shows at the "Rīgas Velo Nedēļa". New updates for a fresh feeling!

    Rīga, Latvija


    Greentrials Bike Tour 2015 Season Opening

    2015 was the 4th season for the Greentrials Bike Tour, so we started it with a show series right by the shopping mall Alfa.

    Rīga, Latvija


    Greentrials Bike Tour Promo

    The summer is short. Don't miss this!



    Greentrials Show at the Lithuanian Sports Awards

    One of the first shows in 2016 was for the annual Lithuanian sports awards ceremony, so we decided to create this beautiful effect with black & white colors and LED lights.

    Vilnius, Lithuania


    Lithuania Got Talent Semi-Final Show

    Greentrials riders Janis Lacis, Lauris Gulbis and Davis Dudelis put together a mini Bike Tour show setup for the Semi-Final show.

    Vilnius, Lithuania


    Lithuania Got Talent Qualification Show

    BMX Flatland rider Davis Dudelis and Bike Trial rider Janis Lacis participating in "Lietuvos Talentai" show.

    Vilnius, Lithuania


    Behind The Scenes - Bike Tour 2014

    One of the best and definitely the most fun video we've ever made! This video shows everything we are and what we do.



    Greentrials Bike Tour 2014 Season Opening

    The Greentrials team started their Bike Tour 2nd season with impressive 8 shows on 3 days during the Auto Exhibition.

    Rīga, Latvija


    Ādažu Čipsi un Greentrials Piešķir Garšu Atpūtai!

    Greentrials team rides the factory and warehouse of their Bike Tour sponsors - Ādažu Čipsi.

    Ādaži, Latvija


    Greentrials Bike Tour 2013 - CSDD

    Bike Tour shows on CSDD event with Moto Trial rider participation.

    Rīga, Latvija


    Greentrials Bike Tour 2013 - Estonia

    The first Bike Tour visiting Estonia. Starring one of the best Estonian BMX riders - Talis Viirpalu.

    Narva and Tallinn, Estonia


    Greentrials Bike Tour 2012 Season Opening

    The beginning of the first Bike Tour season. Greentrials has grown a lot since then.

    Rīga, Latvija



    Kopš 2010. gada Greentrials ekstrēmā velo komanda ar vairāk nekā 600 velo šoviem ir iepriecinājusi tūkstošiem cilvēkus Latvijā un ārpus tās.

    Laika gaitā komanda ir kļuvusi par labāko ekstrēmo velo komandu Baltijas valstīs, apvienojot vienus no spēcīgākajiem BMX un velo/moto Triāla sportistiem, kā arī uzbūvējot iespaidīgākās pārvietojamās konstrukcijas.


    Tomēr tas nenozīmē, ka labs velo šovs ir iespējams tikai ārpus telpām! Greentrials atlēti ir veikuši paraugdemonstrējumus prezentācijās, banketos, klubos, sporta spēlēs, svētkos, koncertos un ceremonijās. Starp Greentrials braucējiem ir arī komandas šovu vadītājs, kas iesildīs, uzjautrinās un iesaistīs publiku velo šovā. Precīza informācija par velo paraugdemonstrējumiem ir skatāma zemāk angļu valodā.


    Greentrials komanda mīl to, ko dara, it īpaši, ja ar to var iepriecināt citus.


    Greentrials Adrenaline Show

    A great show for sport events, clubs, ceremonies and birthdays.

    Really fast and impressive. This show can be performed even in places where bikes haven't been seen before! It's an ideal crowd entertainment.
    And perfect for event breaks to keep the audience satisfied and focused.

    By offering our MC, it's a guarantee that people will be cheering and claping really loud!


    + Up to 3 Different Extreme Bike Riders



    + 2 - 20 Minute Show


    + A Variety of Constructions


    + Jumping Over People


    + Minimal Space Needed 3 x 3 Meters


    + Also Available MC

    Greentrials Bike Tour

    The biggest show program for city festivals, company events and schools.

    No jokes here. Just big and impressive tricks all packed in an entertaining 40 minute program.

    It includes amazing Biketrial, BMX Flatland and BMX Freestyle show on our portable skatepark setup. Presented with our skilled and attractive MC.

    The audience will enjoy the athlete performance, high jumps in the air and over people.

    In 2014 Greentrials did 42 Bike Tour shows on 33 events all around Latvia and Lithuania.


    + 3 Different Extreme Bike Riders (also Mototrial and Monotrial available)


    + 40 Minute Program


    + Large Portable Constructions with just 30Min Set-Up


    + Minimal Space Needed 10 x 30 Meters


    + Lights and fire for a perfect night show

    Greentrials Special Show

    Our skills tested in different terrains and special obstacles for the best performance.

    Thinking outside the box.

    Whether it's a skate park opening competition demo or a huge airport landing strip with trucks. We've done a lot of crazy stuff. So if you're not quite sure which show is the best for your event, let us know.

    Together we will create an awesome show just for your event.



    Jānis Lācis

    Team Manager, Biketrial

    Dāvis Dudelis

    BMX Flatland

    Jānis Bukšs


    Lauris Gulbis

    BMX Freestyle

    Dāvis Līcītis

    BMX Freestyle

    Guest rider





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